A legendary dragon egg has fallen on the peaceful continent of Dragonia.
Become the strongest Lord and defend Dragonia from the Undead who are after the dragon egg!



  • 01

    Dragons and Knights

  • 02

    The Arrival of the Dragon Egg

  • 03

    Battle on the Field

  • 04

    Dragon Nest

  • 05

    Heave-ho! Repair the Village!

  • 06

    The Undead Commander

  • 07

    The Beginning of War

  • 08

    Enemy Invasion

  • 09

    The Labyrinth


Knights & Dragons

Dragon Siege has diverse dragons and unique knights who uses various weapons.
You can feed and breed dragons, and enhance the skills and equipment of knights to strategically build your troops.

    • Alex

      The living definition of a true Knight. Alex, the leader of Dragonia's first generation Knights.
      Alex is recognized on the continent for becoming one of the greatest knights without receiving any help from his father who was a knight leader.
      Not long after, Alex succeeded his father, who died on the battlefield and became a knight leader.
      When the outbreak of the Undead put Dragonia in danger, he was the first to declare war against the Undead.
      When the Dragonians saw Alex's blue cape, they all cheered, and cried,
      "we're alive!"

      He always speaks of justice and peace in a grave manner, but people are often taken aback by his jokes.
      Alex rather enjoys such situations and randomly plays pranks on others.
      His younger brother, Ethan, who respects and looks up to him, also turns a blind eye to Alex's pranks faster than anyone else.

      Alex, who has a good relationship with the Dragonians, is troubled as he grew apart from his closest colleague, Siegfried.
      Siegfried was the only one he could rely on, but deep down, Alex resents Siegfried, who distanced himself without telling him why.

    • Quade

      Quade, the Dragonia assassin, who was captured during the outbreak of the Undead, became a subordinate to the Undead and lived as their puppet.

      With their power, no one could see him in the dark, so he wass called, the Dark Assassin.
      Those who fought against the Undead fell mercilessly from Quade's merciless blade.

      With his lost will, he had zero mercy.

      Quade's next target was the remaining elves.
      But his plan wass stopped by Beth, the Black Wizard, and her magic freed him from the spiritual domination.
      Quade, whose emotions and memories has all been erased, decides to devote all his strength to Beth who has saved him.

      Now Quade's sole interest is Beth. His gaze always falls on Beth.

    • Baran

      Baran, the proud warrior of the desert kingdom.

      There are many speculations as to why Baran, who was a general of the elves, is now faithful to the human kingdom. But of them all, the most convincing story is that a long time ago, when the Elf Kingdom was in a civil war, Baran was stripped of his elf powers and was banished to the desert.

      Whatever the truth of the rumor may be, one thing for sure was that Baran had lost all his elf powers. He was left without powers (but at least he had the long lifespan of elves!) so in order to survive in the desert, Baran began to bulk up.
      After years and years of hardcore training, Baran built muscles beyond human reach. Baran used his incredible strength on his enemies and become known on the continent as the savage warrior who showed his enemies the fear of pure violence.
      Baran, who has been equipped with muscles beyond human reach for so many years of harsh training, became known to the continent for his ferocious photo-death, which generously wielded his muscles to remind his enemies of the fear of pure violence.

      One day he decided to throw away his elf name, Julian, and started a brand new life as Baran, a loyal warrior of the kingdom. Until this day, Baran crushes all enemies who dares to stand against the kingdom with his wreaking ball.
      However, he secretly hides his ambition to drive out Aaron and his forces into the desert kingdom who took over the reign in his hometown after the civil. For your information., Julian, or now named, Baran, is rumored to have been one of the most handsome

    • Max

      The Knight of Dragonia cursed by the Undead.

      Max, who had gained the trust of Alex early on for his excellent strategy, admires Alex.
      He is honored to have blonde hair like Alex, and when he stands next to Alex, he takes off his helmet and reveals his blonde hair.
      However, recently, Max has not taken off his helmet even when next to Alex, and his teammates are beginning to wonder.

      In truth, Max's body which is covered by his helmet and armor, was cursed in his fingertips after an Undead attack.
      Alex barely saved his life, but Max couldn't stop the curse of the Undead from slowly spreading.
      Instead, he gains a strong power that humans cannot have, and helps Alex take the lead in defeating the Undead.

      Max's goal is peace in Dragonia and to free himself from the curse.

      For the fear of Max getting eaten away by the curse, Alex asked for help from Declan, the great wizard of Dragonia.
      Declan helps Max from being eroded with his magic by slowing down the curse that spreads through his body.

      Thanks to this, the curse has stopped from spreading, except for in his left arm and shoulder, but Max spends every night making sure the curse hadn't spread to his face or if his blond hair had not changed.

      Max is frightened by his curse, but inside he is delighted by using the power of the Undead curse against the Undead.

    • Ethan

      Alex's half-brother.
      The father of Ethan and Alex was praised as the greatest knight on the continent, but was also known for his lustful nature.

      Ethan is an illegitimate child who was born from his father's mistake.

      After Ethan and Alex's father died in some sort of incident, the illegitimate children were heavily checked by the family's vassals and some were even assassinated.

      Ethan's survival strategy in an uneasy childhood was politeness.
      He bowed down to Alex, the eldest son, and went far away to perform as a knight, avoiding the eyes of hostile vassals.
      But unlike the vassals, Alex was a man of great character and treated his step-siblings with genuine fraternity.

      Ethan, who went far away to avoid competition for power in the family, is now leading the way to defeat the Undead and to become a great knight like Alex.

    • Ella

      No one knows when exactly Ella abandoned her sword and walked the path of a martial artist.
      However, her acquaintances often say that the biggest reason is the death of her sister, who was a martial artist.

      In fact, Ella is her sister's name, not her real name.
      Ella's sister was killed by an attack of the Undead. Ella, who was deeply heartbroken, lives by her sister's name and imitates her personality, skills, and even habits to continue her sister's will to be the best martial artist on the continent.

      Ethan, who was a fellow trainee, feels very sorry for the unnatural life Ella has chosen to live.

      There are times when she claims to be a swordster even though she is walking the path of a martial artist. Is it because of the precious memories of handling a sword in the past?

    • Fabbro

      The Dwarf blacksmith who is famous for making high-quality crafts and weapons.

      The Dwarves were staying near the mineral-rich mine when an Undead army eyeing the mine attacked the Dwarves.

      Fabbro began to fight against the Undead himself to protect the mines and crafts the Dwarves had brought up. Seeing him, the other Dwarves began to follow Fabrbo's footsteps.

      The Dwarves, whose occupation is to tap metal, had surprising strength and endurance compared to other races, which resulted in unexpected combat results. This was the beginning of the Undead suppression army made up of Dwarves.

      Till this day, as the leader of the Dwarves, Fabbro lives to protect the Dwarf heritage left by his ancestors and breaks the head of the Undead with his hammer.

    • Baldr

      Baldr is a noble elf of Western Dragonia.
      Born with incredible intuition, Baldr predicted the era of chaos and became a self-made Guardian Elf.
      They call her the Guardian of Silence because her voice single-handedly emits a threatening power.

      Compared to other elves, Baldr is quite friendly to other species, especially to humans, so she is often seen being criticized by Aaron. After saving Vihaan, who was on the verge of death, and taking him in as a pupil, Baldr has been recruiting and training knights.

      Those who want to become Knights serve Baldr as their mentor.

    • Sigurd

      Long time ago, the seven dragons that had been protecting the world sacrificed their lives to put a stop to the corrupted ancient dragon, Aileas, and shards of light scattered across the continent during the event caused miracles.
      Sigurd, an ice troll from the Northern Ice Valley, was one of the miracle’s beneficiaries.

      There had been nothing special in Sigurd’s life other than the feral instincts of a troll, but contact with the light shard granted him intelligence as well as a sense of identity.

    • Marcia

      The Thirteenth Princess of the Desert Kingdom.
      Marcia has shown incredible expertise with the spear ever since she was a child.
      Not a single warrior in the kingdom could defeat Marcia with a spear.

      After Marcia gained the ability to control the sandstorm after surviving a sandstorm, the kingdom has praised her as the owner of the prophecy left by the mother of the desert.

      The prophecy handed down from the kingdom is as follows.
      "At dawn when the thirteenth star rises, the one who becomes the tears of the storm will be born as the desert spirit.
      The desert will no longer be a desert; it will come with death and meet life."

      Since that day, Marcia's spear control has grown beyond the kingdom and has become the best on the continent.

      After the outbreak of the Undead, the kingdom of Marcia chose not to confront the Undead but to hide deep inside the desert.
      However, Marcia, who had the desert's calling, decides to leave the kingdom and face the Undead.

    • Vihaan

      Vihaan the wanderer of the east side who is serious about traveling.

      Although he was an Elf who wasn't very much interested in the world, Vihaan was on the verge of dying after trying to save someone caught by the Undead while traveling one day.
      Although he survived with the help of Baldr, he suffers from wounds on his arm that do not heal.

      For the first time in his life, Vihaan feels helpless and becomes Baldr's disciple and learns how to handle the spear.
      Before returning to the East, Baldr is presented with a spear made from Baldr's melted cape feathers.

      Vihaan's journey is now to rescue the Dragonians from the Undead.

    • Leo

      Leo comes from one of the most belligerent and toughest Werefox tribes living on the continent.

      Leo's tribe also fought back when the Undead attacked the continent, but the proud and individualistic Leo's tribe didn't carry out systematic operations or tactics, forcing them to helplessly collapse in the Undead's black magic and tactics.

      Leo fought until he became the last one standing in his tribe, but was eventually injured and imprisoned in the dungeon of the Undead.
      Just when he was feeling defeated and angry at the death of his compatriots, Leo escaped from the dungeon with the help of Alex.
      Since then, Leo is completely loyal to the Lord that Alex serves.

      According to tribal customs that respect the stronger ones, Leo has a strong trust in Alex, who saved him and acknowledges that Alex is stronger than he is.

    • Oakley

      The Shadow Elf full of secrets and madness.
      Originally, Oakley was one of the guardians of the forest that served the Spirit of the Wind with Yeriel and Heather but in the sacred forest, his spirit protection was deprived for killing a fellow elf and he degenerated into a Shadow Elf.

      Oakley was the strongest warrior among the forest's guardian elves and also the kindest warrior.
      Aaron, the Grand Leader of the Forest, described Oakley as, "the most ideal warrior," who defended justice, respected humans, and always fought against the Undead on the front line.

      Ironically, Oakley, the ideal warrior, was the culprit behind the collapse of the guardians of the forest.
      Starting with the fall of Oakley, Heather also fell into shadow elves, and the guardian elves of the forest collapsed. Oakley began mercilessly killing those who attacked him, whether it be the Undead or humans.

      Due to the exclusive nature of the elf society, it is unknown why Oakly killed his fellow elf or how he knocked down the guardians of the forest.

      However, judging from the lives of elves who live longer than humans, people can only guess that the reason may be the magic books or the knowledge of the second world that the elves study.

    • Annabelle

      Somewhere hidden in the west of the continent is a tomb where the Elf monarchs are asleep with extravagant burial goods.
      Annabelle, who stepped in to rob the royal tombs was caught red-handed by Baldr.

      Annabelle's crime of stepping into a sacred royal tomb was so heavy that she was beheaded… just kidding. Well almost! Annabelle was a princess of a human kingdom nearby an Elf Forest, and was instead sentenced to 5565 years by Baldr. Her sentence was completely ridiculous but this was decided by Baldr who greatly feared the dispute that would ensue between Elves and humans once Annabelle would be released.

      However, recognizing that Annabelle has an excellent shooting skills, Baldr made an offer to Annabelle. Her sentence would be reduced on the condition that Annabelle fights for him and the Knights of Dragonia on the battlefield.

      Annabelle secretly ran away from the palace because she hated having her whole life controlled as a princess of a country but now she lives a brutal life where her every move is strictly controlled under Baldr's watch.

      FYI, Annabelle has fought under the command of Baldr for the past three years in slaying the Undead. Her remaining sentence is 5501 years.

    • Beth

      The Shadow Elf who opened up the dark magic.

      Beth is famous for her magical skills among the Elves.
      Often there were elves who were worried that her magic skills might cause greater anger, but unlike their worries, Beth's power was of great help to the race.
      However, Beth lost all her family members in the attack of the Undead, and the Undead who recognized her power, seized her and dominated her mind.

      Beth's power was used in favor of the Undead taking over Dragonia.
      Sometimes she caught the same elf, but the more she lost her sacredness, the more she turned into a shadow elf and lost her memory.
      Beth, who didn't want to forget her last memory, opened up her unrecognized power to protect her scattering memory.
      Her hidden power existed only as a force, but in the process of opening up, her power interwined with her shadow elf powers and wakes up as dark magic.

      Beth escaped from the Undead's spiritual domination with her new black magic.
      But what remained in her head, which had lost almost all sacredness, was memories of her destroyed village and revenge against the Undead.
      She emancipates those mind-ruled by the Undead for revenge and weakens the power of the Undead.
      Those freed by Beth's power worshiped her like a goddess, especially Quade, who now stands by Beth.

    • Declan

      Dean of the Declan School of Dragon Studies and the greatest wizard on the continent.
      The Declan School of Dragon Studies studied the evolution of the dragons and the relationship between dragons and life forms on the Dragonia continent.
      Furthermore, the school aims to learn the powerful magic of dragons.

      Approximately 200 years ago, Declan succeeded in summoning ancient dragon scales from ancient underground ruins and by studying this, he was able to imitate the various magic of the dragon.
      Today, with the mindset of a scholar to protect the subject of his study, Declan fights the Undead with his pupils.

      Perhaps it's because he studied ancient dragons, which are transcendent beings, there are times when Declan seems unable to make every day conversations or shows incomprehensible behaviors. Even Declan's pupils avoid Declan due to his insanity.

    • Yeriel

      The patient guide embodying the Spirit of the Wind.

      Yeriel and Heather have taken an elf pledge and have a special symbiotic relationship.
      Originally, following the guidance of the Wind Spirit, Yeriel tried to find the one to be protected by the dragon with Heather. However, as Heather transformed into a shadow elf, the Spirit of the Wind fell into a deep sleep to avoid being concealed by the darkness.

      Unlike Heather, who chose the path of the Shadow Elf, Yeriel rapidly loses the protection of the Spirit. With the very last bit of force left by the Spirit of the Wind, Yeriel begins her search for the fallen Dragon egg. As she nears the territory protecting the Dragon Egg, Yeriel's power comes to life and the Spirit of the Wind wakes once again.

      In order to protect the power of the Spirit, Yeriel protects the territory and waits for the one who will receive the revelation.

    • Heather

      Heather, a ruthless marksman, enjoyed hunting even before she became a shadow Elf.
      Due to the symbiotic relationship with Yeriel, she was required tto serve the Spirit of the Wind, but nothing was more meaningful to her than hunting.
      Eventually, Heather, who couldn't resist the temptation of hunting, hunted on the sacred elf land, and turned into a shadow Elf.
      However, she is satisfied with being a Shadow Elf and travels across Dragonia.

      Heather's time began with the outbreak of the Undead.
      Hunting the Undead is simply a game for Heather and something that gives her pleasure.
      Heather's focus is mainly hunting the Undead rather than finding peace on Dragonia, but she has made a name for herself as the best marksman on the continent.

    • Deshawn

      When the Undead broke out on the continent, many of the villages collapsed and the people lost their homes and dispersed.
      There were people who were lucky enough to settle in other lands, but those who couldn't find a place that accepted them, became bandits.

      Deshawn was a chief of a bandit.
      He made a living by looting off people who were victims of the Undead but he voluntarily came to the territory where he fought against the Undead to gain a stable knight reputation.

      He wasn't one to be accepted by the village, but it was a time where they lacked the power to fight against the Undead and Deshawn possessed incredible archery skills so he was able to settle down.

      Because he didn't even attempt to hide his past, Deshawn is despised by all the proud knights, including Alex.

    • Ollie

      When the Undead broke out in the continent and the human territories got occupied by the Undead Army,
      the remaining human lands were shut off from the outside world by locking their castle gates firmly and staging a sit-in.
      Inevitably, the lands became more and more closed-off, and the Lords exploited the people to exploit their own pleasures.

      Among those, the few Werefoxes that remained in the human lands were exploited as entertainment by humans, and Ollie was one of those Werefoxes.
      Ollie escaped from the kennel in the wake of the chaos of the Undead attack. He vowed to liberate his compatriots and freed them from numerous evil lords.

      Ollie is traumatized by humans, but he heads towards the land chosen by the Dragon to stop the Undead.

    • Nasser

      Elementals have existed from the beginning of time, protecting the nature and the ecosystems on the continent.
      However, their power started to wither and fade away when an ancient dragon granted its seven dragon servants the might to reign the world. Nasser was one of the elementals.

      After the ancient dragon Aileas was captured by the Undead Lord and the seven dragon servants ceased to exist,
      the elementals, including Nasser, came back to life and ruled the nature again.
      Nasser, after the revival, was protecting the elves and forests in the east of the continent, when Undead forces killed and corrupted the forest’s elves to become shadow elves, crossing the way of the nature.
      Their deeds made Nasser decide to wipe out the Undead.

      Nasser was originally born as an elemental with holy magic powers, but after leaving the eastern forest to hunt down the Undead and cleanse corrupted lands, Nasser lost such powers and even the appearance of an elemental.

      Contaminated by the powers of the Undead and unable to return to the eastern forest, all that Nasser wishes for is to vanish alone, after putting the last of the Undead to rest.

    • Aaron

      In the forest far east from the central continent is, Aaron, a young elf tribe leader and the one closest to the King among the elves without a unified state.

      Aaron despises humans who cut down trees and hunt animals, and mercilessly kills those who enter the forest without permission.

      When the Undead broke out on the continent, Aaron only protected the elf forest and kept himself from engaging with the despiteful humans. However, once Quade began his elf hunts, Aaron joined the humans’ hunt of the Undead and generously shared his power.

      Although he absolutely loathes humans, Aaron's hatred for the Undead is even stronger so he fights alongside the humans to slay the Undead.

    • Blake

      Blake was born into a family that partners with animals of similar tendencies.

      Born with great bravery, Blake joined the family's warrior organization from an early age with Blako, who is also strong among the brown bears.
      The two grew to be the best partners and listed as one of the strongest warriors in northern Dragonia. After the outbreak of the Undead, Blake and the warriors of his family embarked on an expedition to finish the Undead.

      Even Blake, the strongest warrior, feared something; His daughter, Lumi.

      On the day Lumi was born, Blake cared so much for Lumi that he even changed his purpose of life from attack to protection. Blake, who possessed a fire-like anger, became a loving father in front of Lumi. His colleagues brought Lumi with them on the day they predicted Blake would be angry.

      Blake did not want Lumi to walk the path of a warrior after he lost his wife to the Undead.
      However, to protect Lumi, who eventually become a warrior, Blake goes out into the world with Blako to slay the Undead.

    • Siegfried

      Knight of an Elite Cavalry Troop
      Acknowledged by Alex as the greatest Knight mankind has ever seen.

      Although he didn't gain a reputation worthy of his abilities, due to being hidden by the Alex family, Siegfried and his cavalry troop is recognized as the best in Dragonia.

      Those who talk to Siegfried for the first time are surprised by his gentle tone which contrasts his fierce impression.

      Siegfried is Alex's closest comrade. Siegfried trains with Alex and becomes a Dragonian knight who boasts the greatest chemistry together. After the outbreak of the Undead, the two Knights communicate closely and hold off the attacks of the Undead.

      But after the battle where Siegfried gets a large scar on his face, he begins to keep his distance from Alex.
      Siegfried stays silent about his wound, but his subordinate who survived the battle testified that it was Alex's father controlled by the Undead who had attacked him.

      Siegfried, who had no choice but to kill Alex's father with his own hands, has stayed away from Alex since and has focused on killing the Undead.

    • Luna

      Luna is a Shadow Elf bearing the lunacy of the moon.

      On the continent of Dragonia, there are many races including Humans, Half-Beasts, Dwarves and more, but if one were to ask which race stands out of all, the answer would always be, ‘Elves’.

      Many races are calling for help from the Elves in their struggle against the Undead, but since there were less of the Elven race than of any other race on the continent, the Elves had to spread out across the continent in small groups to help those in need.

      Luna the Elf is an adventurer skilled at exploring the labyrinth that was constructed in order to prevent the rift to the other world from getting out of control.

      Everyone would recognize Luna’s dual spears slashing through the Undead and creatures from the other world lurking in the labyrinth.

      One day, while exploring the labyrinth, Luna picked up an intriguing grimoire about the Demon God from the other world.

      She was so fascinated by the book and absorbed so much power from it, but the power of the Demon God eventually transformed Luna into a Shadow Elf.

      Struggling to save her sanity and relieve herself of the violent influence of Demon God’s, Luna headed to the battlefield where she could slay the Undead.

      Her combat power, traded with her sanity, reaches its peak on the night with a full moon, when the Demon God himself descends upon her dual spears.

    • Lumi

      The eldest daughter of a warrior family who partners with one animal for life.
      Even though her father, Blake, strongly expressed his opposition, Lumi became a knight and now battles against the Undead.

      After Lumi's father, Blake, lost his wife to the Undead, he left Lumi's upbringing in the hands of the family.
      Lumi grew up under the care of the animals rather than her father, who was busy hunting the Undead.
      But is it because she grew up surrounded by animals without her mother? Lumi spent more time with animals than with humans and avoided talking to humans.

      Lumi's talent for communicating with almost all animals was a blessing to her family, but a tragedy for Blake, who lost his beloved wife.
      This is because even Blake feared that something might happen to Lumi while fighting the Undead.

      Blake's only daughter, Lumi, who resembles his dead wife, cotinues to hunt the Undead along his side.

      Lumi doesn't speak up but the loss of her mother to the Undead as a child remains as a huge scar to her.
      She has never expressed her feelings, but perhaps she is seeking revenge on the Undead.

    • Fredrick

      The only descendant of the Abbott family, the most prestigious family of Dragonia, which has produced outstanding heroes for generations.
      To become a proud descendant of the family's ancestors, Fredrick continues to travel the continent with his horse, Charlie.

      Fredrick is the greatest knight on the continent, and stories of his jousts are sung by numerous minstrels.

      ...is the story written by Fredrick.

      Many people have doubts about his dubious background, but no one minds because his skills are undoubtedly outstanding.
      Frederick continues to fight the Undead today. To be recognized as a descendant of the Abbott family.

    • Bjorn

      Bjorn, Guardian of Five Dimensions.
      Bjorn is a divine being that was
      worshipped by humans before
      dragons settled in Dragonia.
      He has traversed dimensions to
      eliminate entities that disrupt order,
      safeguarding the balance of the five
      However, as dragons established
      their presence on the continent, Bjorn
      gradually faded from the memory of
      and as faith gradually diminished,
      Bjorn also weakened.

      Having lost his godly power and
      spending dull years in a state no
      different from an ordinary human,
      during which time seemed

      Bjorn came across the Undead that
      invaded his temple and repelled
      them with a hammer.
      Ethan and his comrades happened to
      witness this scene and praised Bjorn.
      It made him realize that receiving
      praise was gradually restoring his
      godly power.
      Bjorn regained hope that he could be
      worshipped as a god again,
      and resolved to actively combat the
      Undead with Ethan and the knights.

      Although he had lost his godly power,
      the lightning from his hammer could
      easily shatter the walls of a fortress.

    • Nobu

      A dimensional rift has dropped Nobu in the middle of a desert.
      He realizes that if he defeats the Undead King and rescues the Ancient Dragon, he can use its power to return to his original dimension.

      Nobu rallies his allies in the desert to defeat the Undead guarding the center of the continent, but ultimately fails to stop the Undead King.
      Just before the Undead King wipes out the continent, the Ancient Dragon uses its power to transport Nobu and his companions to another dimension.
      There he gathers his allies and travels to the Dragon Castle to stop the Undead King, only to be defeated and transported to another dimension once again.
      After being transported hundreds of times, Nobu continued to improve his siege weapon in each dimension, until it became the ultimate weapon today that could easily destroy the Undead Castle walls.

      "I won't lose this time! My technology is hundreds of years more advanced than yours!"

      Nobu has suffered more defeats than anyone else, but he is unstoppable in his determination to take down the Undead King, who has grown stronger with each defeat.

    • Charles

      The rival of Fabbro, the blacksmith of the Dwarves who control the iron and the captain of the 'Slaying Dwarves.' But his track record was not honoured by his rival Fabbro.
      In the past, when he was attacking the Undead Castle, Charles' siege weapons malfunctioned and caused serious casualties of allies, which led to his expulsion from the Dwarves.

      "A Dwarf's creation has caused damage to humans and elves."

      The Dwarves were so proud of their work that the name Charles became a synonym for inferiority among them.

      Charles complained of injustice, saying that someone had worked on the siege weapon he had made, but Charles' claim was shut down by Fabbro, which was seriously at odds with Charles at the time.

      Charles is suspicious of Fabbro for causing his siege weapon to malfunction. But Fabbro has strongly denied Charles' allegations. Charles, who left the Dwarves and settled in the cold northern part of the country, is trying to slay the Undead again by making siege weapons... To avenge and restore honor to someone who dishonored him.

    • Kratos

      Kratos, who carries the energy of flames, is skilled at burning down the enemy with its strong flames. It may seem like it's always carelessly eating and playing, but once in battle, no one can stop Kratos. So be careful. Hidden behind its cute appearance, the fire breath of Kratos is the flame of purgatory that has melted countless enemies and castle walls.
      To a newly appointed Lord, there's no better guard than Kratos.

    • Euros

      Euros, who was born with brilliant waves, is the fiercest dragon on the continent, and those who were deceived by its gentle appearance and approached it without caution were frequently attacked.
      However, once a bond is formed, Eurus is more loyal than any other dragon. If it eats the food you give, that's a sign it trusts you. Sometimes Eurus' energy becomes powerful enough to flood Dragonia, but it contains it powers for its Lord so no need to worry.

    • Pax

      Pax, who plays with the wind freely, is especially fond of going on the battlefield among the dragons. It particularly enjoys cleaning up the nasty stench of the Undead with the wind. But be careful when approaching Pax who has discovered the Undead. You could get swept away by the wind.
      Pax is always active in battle, but it heads forward without ever looking back, so you should pay special attention.

    • Zelos

      Zelos, born with the quiet energy of the earth, is the only gentle dragon that does not attack others first. However, if someone it has to protect is being threatened by the Undead, Zelos will take the lead in stopping the Undead.
      Zelos has a cute side where it can't handle its large body and falls down sometimes, but once its evolves and becomes an adult, it'll become one of the most reliable tankers in Dragonia that will protect you.

    • Bia

      Bia, who has survived within the violent storms of the vast desert, sealed her aggression with the power of an ancient dragon. Bia steps forward to save Dragonia from the onslaught of the Undead, but occasionally becomes aggressive due to its inexperience in handling the power of the ancient dragon. If you notice signs of Bia going into a rampage, be cautious of its tail. Bia's tail is strong enough to lift Zelos in an instant.





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