A legendary dragon egg has fallen on the peaceful continent of Dragonia.
Become the strongest Lord and defend Dragonia from the Undead who are after the dragon egg!


Knights & Dragons

Dragon Siege has diverse dragons and unique knights who uses various weapons.
You can feed and breed dragons, and enhance the skills and equipment of knights to strategically build your troops.

    • Alex

      “Vanquish the Undead and protect our families!”

      The hero of the continent.
      He once went into hiding in order to sharpen his swordsmanship, but decided to become a knight after hordes of the Undead had swept across the nation.
      Ever since then, he waits for the perfect opportunity to strike them back while protecting the village from those vile creatures.

    • Yeriel

      “The moon always shines upon us.”

      An elf who serves the moon.
      After receiving the prophecy that the one chosen by the dragon will bring the world together and restore peace, Yeriel is heading to the village where the dragon Egg has fallen.
      She joins the village and defeats the Undead using her powerful magic.

    • Leo

      “Stay strong!
      Victory is right upon us!”

      A brave knight who stood against the Undead alone.
      He had been defeated by the Undead and was held captive until Alex and his troop saved him.
      He swore to serve Alex’s Lord and became a knight who leads the spearmen.
      When there’s a battle, he’s always the first to stand in the front and boost up the ally’s morale.

    • Ethan

      “I’m going to be a hero one day!”

      Ethan looks up to his older brother, Alex, who is a renowned knight of the continent.
      He became a knight to follow Alex's footsteps, and now he works day and night to become a reputable hero.
      Compared to Alex, Ethan still has a lot to learn, but he is full of talent which makes him an extraordinary knight for his age.

    • Ella

      “Keep up with me... I dare you to try.”

      A fighter who moves as fast as wind.
      She’s famous for attacking her enemy in the blink of an eye that she's known as, the fast fighter.
      Her moves are so fast that one second she’s standing across you in the room, and the very next, you find yourself lying on the ground.

    • Lumi

      “This wolf is my only family now.”

      The final remaining wolf rider on the continent.
      Lumi is the sole survivor of a village attacked by the Undead, just to get their hands on the wolf-taming spell. As the last member of the village, Lumi is determined to get revenge on those unforgivable monsters..

    • Ollie

      “Arrows to the rich! Gold to the poor!”

      The most infamous thief on the continent.
      He’s known to be a righteous thief as he only steals from the corrupted wealthy and shares his conquest with the less fortunate.
      The hefty bounty on him for targeting evil lords and merchants puts him in great danger sometimes, but he manages to overcome those hardships with his comrades and carries on with his righteous mission.

    • Baldr

      “Protecting Dragonia is our duty and mission.”

      Baldr is a noble elf of Western Dragonia.
      Born with incredible intuition, Baldr predicted the era of chaos and became a self-made Guardian Elf.
      They call her the Guardian of Silence because her voice single-handedly emits a threatening power.
      Compared to other elves, Baldr is quite friendly to other species, especially to humans, so she is often seen being criticized by Aaron. After saving Vihaan, who was on the verge of death, and taking him in as a pupil, Baldr has been recruiting and training knights.
      Those who want to become Knights serve Baldr as their mentor.

    • Aaron

      “I have no interest in helping these lowly humans but it seems I have no choice. I shall lend them my power just this once.”

      In the forest far east from the central continent is, Aaron, a young elf tribe leader and the closest one to the King among the elves without a unified state. Aaron despises humans who cut down trees and hunt animals, and so he mercilessly kills those who enter the forest without permission.
      Although Aaron absolutely loathes humans, his hatred for the Undead who defy the provision of nature is even stronger, so he fights alongside the humans to slay the Undead.
      But in the end, Aaron has no doubt that humans are a inferior race and that elves are the best and most perfect creatures that exist.

    • Quade

      “No one escapes from my blade in the darkness.”

      The most skilled assassin rescued by Bess.
      He singlehandedly took down a king who stood against the Undead in the past.
      Frightened, people started to call him the Assassin of Darkness.
      After Bess freed him from the Undead, he decided to devote his life to her.

    • Marcia

      “I’ll show you the mighty force of the desert.”

      The female warrior who rules sandstorms.
      She is a princess of the desert kingdom who controls sandstorms and has shown great talent with the spear. With every swing of her spear, Marcia summons a sandstorm and sweeps away the Undead.

    • Beth

      “I live for revenge.”

      A wizard corrupted by the Undead.
      Despite being the strongest wizard among the elves, she was taken hostage by the Undead when her village was under attack.
      The Undead had corrupted her mind and begun using her as their minion to take over the world. However, she came across with strong dark magic one day and finally broke free from their shackles. Ever since then, she began her journey of revenge on the Undead.

    • Declan

      “Magic opens the door to infinite possibilities.”

      The one and only great wizard in the continent.
      Declan, the most powerful wizard, gained reputation for being skilled in all sorts of magic.
      He had secluded himself in order to study magic, but he came out to fight along with humans when the entire mankind was on the brink of crisis brought upon by the Undead.

    • Blake

      “I live for battle!”

      The mightiest warrior in the northern continent.
      Blake is a descendant of the north's most famous martial tribe and was raised as a warrior since childhood. Now he’s the strongest warrior in the north. In order to find a mount that best suits his strength, he captured and trained a grizzly bear. No one can stand in the way of Blake and his grizzly bear in battle.

    • Nasser

      “It's my destiny to slay all the Undead that go against the providence of nature before I perish.”

      Elementals have existed from the beginning of time, protecting the nature and the ecosystems on the continent.
      However, their power started to wither and fade away when an ancient dragon granted its seven dragon servants the might to reign the world. Nasser was one of the elementals.

    • Sigurd

      “I am Sigurd the Troll. Oh, please do not be frightened by my looks. I am a gentleman, after all.”

      Long time ago, the seven dragons that had been protecting the world sacrificed their lives to put a stop to the corrupted ancient dragon, Aileas,
      and shards of light scattered across the continent during the event caused miracles.
      Sigurd, an ice troll from the Northern Ice Valley, was one of the miracle’s beneficiaries.

      There had been nothing special in Sigurd’s life other than the feral instincts of a troll, but contact with the light shard granted him intelligence as well as a sense of identity.

    • Luna

      “There is only death to those who dares face the moon.”

      Luna is a Shadow Elf bearing the lunacy of the moon.

      On the continent of Dragonia, there are many races including Humans, Half-Beasts, Dwarves and more, but if one were to ask which race stands out of all, the answer would always be, ‘Elves’.

      Many races are calling for help from the Elves in their struggle against the Undead, but since there were less of the Elven race than of any other race on the continent, the Elves had to spread out across the continent in small groups to help those in need.

    • Siegfried

      “I’ll take down the wicked dragon.”

      A knight who vanquished the wicked dragon.
      Siegfried is from a family that has gathered prominence through hunting dragons.
      As a successor of his family, he gained respect upon defeating the wicked dragon that was the Undead’s servant.

    • Vihaan

      “Discovering new things
      is my biggest joy.”

      A traveler wandering the east.
      Vihaan has always been curious about the world outside of his village. The moment he reached adulthood, he left his hometown and began his journey.
      But the joy of his new journey was short-lived. He saw people getting chased by the Undead and rescued them.
      Ever since then, he wanders around the east and saves people from the Undead.

    • Max

      “Strategy rules the battlefield.”

      A knight with excellent strategies.
      He originally joined the war against the Undead as Alex’s lieutenant, but was later knighted for his great tactics.
      No one, not even a Knight, can dare to question him when it comes to battle strategies.

    • Heather

      “No one shall dodge my arrow.”

      Known as the most skilled archer in the western continent.
      Heather has a perfect target score. She earned her title as the best archer with her famous skill: simultaneouly shooting three arrows at a target without missing a single shot.

    • Deshawn

      “The wind is on my side!”

      The archer who controls the wind.
      Deshawn’s tattoos contain the spell that controls the wind spirit, so his arrow never misses its target. He uses his extraordinary power during battles to sweep the Undead like fallen leaves.

    • Fabbro

      “Bring me the finest ores.
      I’ll craft the perfect equipment for you.”

      A dwarf blacksmith capable of crafting all kinds of weapons.
      There’s no Ore Fabbro can’t use, so he’s in charge of crafting and supplying various weapons in the village.
      Sometimes, he goes to the battle field himself to test the new weapons he crafted in his workshop.
      Fabbro and his experiments bring terror to those who dare to stand in his way.

    • Fredrick

      “I’m Fredrick, a knight who’s free as a bird.”

      The free-spirited knight who wanders around the continent.
      Despite being born into an affluent family, Fredrick left everything behind to pursue his dream of becoming a knight. Ever since then, he has been travelling and helping others in need. His horse, Charlie, is his best travel companion.

    • Oakley


      The silent Spearman.
      Oakley was casted by someone's curse that left him unable to speak. He was often misunderstood by others in the past but his outstanding performance in the battlefield led him to become a knight and lead the army. Because of the way he controls his men only with hand gestures, they call him the Spear of Silence.

    • Annabelle

      “Go back to the royal palace? Pfft! I want to make my life worthwhile!”

      Annabelle, princess of a human kingdom nearby an Elf Forest.

      Annabelle entered a tomb where the Elf monarchs were asleep for a big robbery, but was caught red-handed and was almost beheaded by Baldr. Once Baldr found out that she was a princess, her life was spared but was sentenced to 5565 years in prision.

      Recognizing that Annabelle has an excellent shooting skills, Baldr made an offer to Annabelle. Her sentence would be reduced on the condition that Annabelle fights for him and the Knights of Dragonia in the battlefield.

      FYI, Annabelle has fought under the command of Baldr for the past three years in slaying the Undead. Her remaining sentence is 5501 years.

    • Baran

      “Julian is dead. Starting today, only Baran exists!”

      Baran, the proud warrior of the desert kingdom.
      Baran was a general of the elves in the past, but after losing the political dispute of the Elf Kingdom, he was stripped of his elf powers and was banished to the desert. The only thing an elf warrior who had lost his power could do to survive was to build muscles.
      After years and years of hardcore training, Baran built muscles beyond human reach. Baran used his incredible strength on his enemies and become known on the continent as the savage warrior who showed his enemies the fear of pure violence.

    • Kratos

      Kratos, who carries the energy of flames, is skilled at burning down the enemy with its strong flames. It may seem like it's always carelessly eating and playing, but once in battle, no one can stop Kratos. So be careful. Hidden behind its cute appearance, the fire breath of Kratos is the flame of purgatory that has melted countless enemies and castle walls.
      To a newly appointed Lord, there's no better guard than Kratos.

    • Pax

      Pax, who plays with the wind freely, is especially fond of going on the battlefield among the dragons. It particularly enjoys cleaning up the nasty stench of the Undead with the wind. But be careful when approaching Pax who has discovered the Undead. You could get swept away by the wind.
      Pax is always active in battle, but it heads forward without ever looking back, so you should pay special attention.

    • Zelos

      Zelos, born with the quiet energy of the earth, is the only gentle dragon that does not attack others first. However, if someone it has to protect is being threatened by the Undead, Zelos will take the lead in stopping the Undead.
      Zelos has a cute side where it can't handle its large body and falls down sometimes, but once its evolves and becomes an adult, it'll become one of the most reliable tankers in Dragonia that will protect you.

    • Eurus

      Eurus, who was born with brilliant waves, is the fiercest dragon on the continent, and those who were deceived by its gentle appearance and approached it without caution were frequently attacked.
      However, once a bond is formed, Eurus is more loyal than any other dragon. If it eats the food you give, that's a sign it trusts you. Sometimes Eurus' energy becomes powerful enough to flood Dragonia, but it contains it powers for its Lord so no need to worry.